How long do the dolls take to make?

The dolls normally take 3-8 weeks, though this time may vary due to workload! Please be aware all dolls are custom made to order unless otherwise noted, so I will be contacting you with updates and to make sure everything is headed in the right direction!

What resin colors do you offer?

Any color! I tint the resin myself for every doll. Just send me a reference image, Pantone, or any color reference and I’ll try and match it as close as I can! I can work in opaque and transparent resins and even do custom mixes so you have something in between!


Did you design the dolls yourself?

Every doll in my shop has been designed, digitally sculpted, jointed, printed, sanded and painted by me!

What is a Face Up?

A Face Up is face painting and blushing on a doll. On my listings, the “face up” option usually includes body blushing (or body painting) as well! So if you want me to add blush, different colors, spots, speckles, stripes, freckles, a painted nose, painted toes, or really anything at all, this is the option for you!

I have more questions! And I’m not sure if my idea is possible, what should I do?

Send me a message and I’ll be happy to see if I can be of assistance!

If you are stuck on ideas or are not quite sure how to explain what you’d like, some of my dolls have coloring pages available so you can color your ideas digitally or physically! If you’d like one, just message me and I’ll message one back asap!

How can I paint my own dolls if I choose the “no face up” option?

Just like you would with a cast resin doll! You can dye them with alcohol inks, spray them with sealer, use powdered pastels, markers, airbrush them, and paint them with acrylics!

How do I take care of my dolls?

If you buy a no face up doll, you need to seal the doll yourself! Especially the necklace dolls, which will be against your skin for long periods of time! (I personally use a two part epoxy for the necklace dolls to insure both the doll and you are protected!).

If you are working on your no face up doll, do not submerse the doll in alcohol for longer than a minute and acetone for 30 seconds. Make sure the surface it rests on is not soaked with solvent!

If you have a doll I painted for you, use soap and water for cleaning. Anything alcohol or acetone based will strip the sealer of the doll!

All dolls should be kept out of direct sunlight.

Are 3D resin printed dolls safe?

To the best of my knowledge and after discussion with resin manufacturers, these dolls are safe to handle once cured. And I cure my dolls for a very long time! If you order a face up doll through me, they are also frequently sealed with triple and quadruple coats of sealer.

If they will be against your skin for long periods of time (like the necklace dolls) they should be sealed extra well. I usually use a two part epoxy that is rated food safe by the FDA.

However, these dolls are NOT mouth or food safe.

…please don’t eat them!

Are these dolls for kids?

My dolls are a type of art doll you can play with.

I’d say they are art first, and toys second!

I’ve made them for younger customers before, under strict instruction that these dolls should be treated gently (though I add strengthening materials to all my dolls).

For very little children, these dolls are NOT mouth safe! They have many little parts and the resin is not chemically rated for mouth or food play!

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the custom nature of these dolls, I do not offer refunds. If you are unhappy with the progress of your doll before it is mailed to you, I am more than happy to offer reprints or change request, up to a certain amount, free of charge!